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A prayer from Rev'd Terry Jin
A prayer from Rev'd Terry Jin

“TO GET NATIONS back on their feet, we must first get down on our knees.” This Billy Graham quote has never been more apt as our country, and indeed the world, faces the challenge of Coronavirus. This page is here to encourage you to pray. Janet leads us in prayers specifically for our nation and communities. Sheila offers us special prayers as we walk through this crisis and may become in need of peace and healing.

Janet's prayer points for our nation and communities - series 4


Prisons, the police and probation system

  • We pray for prisoners and prison officers. Currently prisoners are in their cells for 23 hours a day with no exercise or tutorials, and no visitors. Many are struggling mentally. At night, sleep can be difficult as some shout out and protest.

  • The police are trying their best to be fair regarding social distancing and having to issue fines if people breach the rules.

  • Probation officers are also having extra pressures with abuse cases and with more prisoners released into the community to be monitored.

Sheila's special prayers

These are difficult days. So many of us may be experiencing moments of worry, or perhaps loneliness. Here, Sheila prays for you in your time of need. Just click on the arrow in each box to hear her voice.

Morning prayer

Morning prayer
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Prayer for peace

Prayer for peace
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Days of worry

Days of worry
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Hope in despair

Hope in despair
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  • Parents with special needs children at home and those managing adults with special needs or dementia at home, 24/7.


Sport & entertainment

  • The world of sport has been disrupted. Entertainment has stopped in theatres, opera houses and concert halls. Entertainers have lost their income as many have short-term contracts or are freelance.

Prayer for sickness





  • All involved in the housing market: estate agents, solicitors and removal firms.

  • Undertakers are having more funerals to arrange and helping families through simpler cremations or burials.

  • Alternative therapy clinics and fitness centres: osteopaths, chiropractors, masseurs, and fitness instructors. Gyms are also closed.

  • Restaurant, cafe and pub owners have no idea when they might be able to open again. When they do re-open, will they be viable if fewer people are allowed in?

  • Hairdressers are waiting to re-open and many of us need their services before we turn into hippies!

  • The airline industries around the world. What will the future be for them? How many will lose their jobs?

  • Desert Locusts have devastated crops in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Somalia in Africa.

  • Pakistan has also been hit by the first wave. A second, much larger wave will soon be hatching unless they can get aerial chemical spraying done which is expensive.

  • Crops are lost and cattle die as they have no food, and the people starve.

  • Sheep farmers have almost finished lambing, but shearers will not be coming over from New Zealand and Australia this year as they have done other years.

Prayer for sickness
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Prayer for wholeness

Prayer for wholeness
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