Prayer Corner
If you would like to spend some quiet time in prayer, we have a prayer corner in the church for anyone who feels the need for personal prayer, or to just to sit for quiet contemplation.

Prayer Meetings
Every Sunday at 9.30am, prior to the morning service, all are welcome to join us in prayer  in the vestry.

Prayer and Praise Meetings
On the fourth Sunday of each month at 6pm we have our Praise and Prayer meeting.  After opening with praise and worship, time is given to pray for how the Holy Spirit may lead us.

Each month there is a specific theme for wider prayer concerns, such as ‘ the  hungry and homeless’ or ‘the persecuted Christian church worldwide’.

During the meeting, one person may share something of  their own personal walk with God. These testimonies have been a great blessing and encouragement to us all. Many times there is much laughter and some tears as each person brings their own unique story. Many have remarked that they feel privileged to be present and although previously unfamiliar with this type of meeting, now find they do not want to miss it.