This page demonstrates our church in action, with all the happenings and adventures of past months and ​a good look at what's on the horizon.  


What next? The six Bexhill churches involved in the June mission have made the decision to return to the streets for one Saturday each month. This will take place until November.


As before, we will be sharing the love of Jesus Christ with our fellow townspeople, and there will be a full discipleship programme for those who wish to go further and explore the Christian faith.




Our church was involved in an exciting outreach event during the first week in June. This is the East Sussex Mission, a project linked to The Turning, an organisation which promotes mission across the country and abroad. Bexhill URC is working within the Bexhill-on-Sea hub, comprising six churches. There will be street work followed by a period of discipleship for those who respond.

The Turning is a ‘kingdom’ work. This means it is not exclusive to one denomination or church. Churches work together to bring the Good News of Jesus to their local community.


What a week it was! After all the preparation, prayer, and anticipation, we finally did it when Christians from six Bexhill churches (St John’s, Bexhill URC, Beulah Baptist Church, King’s Church & Sidley Baptist Church) spent seven days on the streets of Bexhill talking to people about Jesus Christ.

Some 27 people made commitments in Bexhill and these folk are now paired up with a Christian who will lead them through a discipleship course teaching them about the Christian faith. Many others were prayed for and some in crisis were given practical support.

What was it like to approach a stranger in the street and tell them that God loved them? Some Christians found it easy. Others found it quite difficult although it got less so with more practice!

It was so exciting to return to our meeting place each afternoon and report back. Listening to each others’ stories of people praying the prayer of commitment was a thrill!

Each evening we celebrated with prayer and praise at each other’s churches. Such a good thing to do and we all agreed afterwards that visiting different churches created a real sense of unity between us all.

Our church proved an incredible prayer resource. Some 45 people prayed specific prayers each week. We give a big thank you to all these folk. You are amazing




In May 2016, The Gate church in Reading, began what was thought to be a one-week mission (The Turning) which might possibly stretch to two weeks. This was a mission with Christians talking and praying with people on local streets.


Ultimately, because of the better than expected results, the mission stretched to a total of four weeks. In that time, more than 1850 people were prayed for on the streets of Reading with many first-time commitments and many re-dedications.


Following that initial mission, The Turning has been repeated in different cities and towns over the past two years, including in France and Spain. Again, people have responded in their many hundreds, for example more than 865 people in Lille in France responded in prayer to an invitation to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

In the UK, leadership teams from more than 230 towns and cities have asked for The Turning to be brought to their area.