Photos please!

TERRY J. Myung and Jjaro.

Ann B. Brother and sister Love!

Ann B. Bella and Charlie enjoying each other's company

My pet

Your photos

What a wonderful array of photos you have contributed! Have fun everyone as you browse these beautiful pictures, reminding us of God's Creation and our delightful seaside town of Bexhill, plus  introducing us to people's pets.

ANNE D. My sunbathing fish.

GEOFF R. Tortoise by the pond. (But is there something fishy about this photo?)

KEIRA Meet Hector!

MARGARET  F. Feeding time!

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ANDREA K. Sammy, who swims with me sometimes.

DEREK & RUTH O. Going for a paddle.

DEREK & RUTH O. And another paddle.

My Bexhill

ANDREA K. Keep away from the children!

Ann B. Our Prayer Tree during lockdown, each ribbon represents a prayer.

Chris B. A riot of evening colour! 

Ann B. VE Day celebrations in the front garden. 

DOROTHY D. Sun rising from the sea in January. 

JANET F. Bexhill beach looking towards Galley Hill.

MARGARET F.  Bexhill rooftops.

CHRIS B. Low tide.

JANET F.  Magnificent Echium in Manor Barn Walled Garden.

MARGARET R.  Cooden Beach in the evening.

RUTH & DEREK O. Glorious seascape.

RUTH & DEREK O. Two herring gulls.

RUTH & BRIAN B.  Brian and Ruth in sunny Bexhill.

RUTH & BRIAN B. Easter Garden on driveway for passers-by to see.

TOM J. My Bexhill last year!

TOM J. My Bexhill this year!

TERRY J. Evening low tide.

TERRY J. An evening stroll.

God's creation

ANDREA K. My son thought I was in Bol (Croatia) ... not Bexhill!

ANN B. Roses are red ...

ANN B. Daisy, Daisy ...

BECKY. Our feathered friends 2.

BECKY. Our feathered friends.

ANNE D. Mother's rose ...

CHRISTINE. Boys with their butterflies.

ANNE D. Keep still!

CHRISTINE. Feed the birds.

CHRIS B. Magnolia blossom.

CHRIS B. Glorious clematis.

DEREK & RUTH O. God’s nature in our garden: peony and bluebells.

DEREK & RUTH O. God’s nature in our garden: pink camellia

DOROTHY D. Moonscape.

JANET F. Lesser celandine.


Bluebell wood.

TERRY J. God's creation in our church.

MARGARET F. Robin helping David lay a path.

RUTH & BRIAN B. The rainbow: God's promise.

MARGARET R. New life!

MARGARET R. A view of the island of St Agnes in the Scillies, taken from the island of Gugh.