Sundays are special. Christians celebrate Sundays as belonging to God, a time when we gather together to worship him and read his word. We also regard this day as a time of rest from the humdrum so typical of Monday to Saturday. 


Morning service

If you are new to our church, please go to the SUNDAY SERVICES page for a good introduction to what takes place during our main Sunday service.

  • Starts @ 10.30am - usually finishes @ about 11.30am, followed by coffee, tea and biscuits

  • We celebrate communion during the morning service on the first Sunday of every month.


Young people

In our small Young People’s Group (YPG) on Sundays, we aim to have an enjoyable time together, with film clips, puzzles, activities and discussions, as well as a drink and biscuit break.


We start with everyone else at the beginning of the morning service, leaving after 20 minutes or so to do our own thing. At some point we usually split into two groups. The younger ones are then able to include a craft element in their learning, while the older ones can pursue an activity more suited to their age.


We examine passages in the Bible. We explore Christian themes. We try to support each other, and we pray for one another and for the needs of so many in the world.


Our hope is that we can help our young people to draw closer to our wonderful, loving God. 



All church members involved in our young people’s work have been checked and approved for working with children by the Government’s Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Praise & Prayer Meeting

On the 4th Sunday of every month @ 6pm, we hold our Praise & Prayer Meeting. This service has a more informal, relaxed approach, with worship and prayer and a desire to be led by the Holy Spirit. A different theme runs through each evening: two recent examples are ‘praying for the hungry and homeless’ and for ‘Christians suffering persecution, worldwide’. There is also an opportunity for sharing what God is doing in our lives.

These are precious evenings of drawing closer to God.


Other services

Additional services are held throughout the year, so keep an eye on the DIARY page for the latest information.